Issue #29 will provide new revenue that will be used for capital projects throughout the City which will enhance the community for everyone. Another great benefit to many residents will be the new tax credit. The new tax credit will be adjusted to a full 100% so many residents of Gahanna will see a reduction in their income taxes. Below you will find some examples of capital projects that will benefit from Issue #29.

Neighborhood Streets and Curbs. The city will double it’s street program from 3 miles a year to 6 in order to catch up. There will be a NEW comprehensive curb program that will maintain and replace deteriorated residential curbs

Comprehensive Bridge Maintenance program that will address the smaller residential neighborhood bridges

A Safer Community. New partnerships with MECC and Mifflin Township will provide quicker response times and ultimately better service.

Continuation of the School Resource Officer program. The city is committed to continuing the School Resource Officer program currently in place at the high school and working with the schools in the future to adjust and adapt to future needs.

New investment in expanding our Walking, Running, and Biking Trails

New investment in Parks and Playgrounds