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Breakdown By Taxpayer Group

Did You Know??

We lose close to $4,000,000 dollars a year to other communities because of our current low income tax rate.

People that work here but live in another city currently pay Gahanna 1.5% on their earned income and then pay an additional .5% to 1.0% to their home city if their home city has an earned income tax rate of 2.0% or 2.5%

That additional $4,000,000 is paid to the their home city now and would automatically be redirected to Gahanna if Issue #29 is approved.

Current Local Tax Rates

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See how Gahanna compares with revenue growth in other communities.

 These dollars are needed for streets, curbs, parks, and new community safety initiatives.

Over 80% of the population is in a 2.5% taxing district

Gahanna receives 2.4 mills of property tax which hasn’t changed in years. That equates to 2.1% of your total tax bill and is less that $0.03 per dollar collected. Compare that to Westerville who collects 10X that amount at 23.06 mills.

Income tax rate adoption timeline